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If you would like to see more features/integration please feel free to ask.Also added a Smart App called “Trigger based Camera Pictures” which allows you to use triggers (motion sensors, contact/door sensors, momentary switches like door bells) to activate the Camera to take pictures and turn on switches and enable Camera monitoring optionally.

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When the camera starts to work, the LED indicator light on the camera's back will light.A pair of bald eagles rang in the new year with the birth of an eaglet, and the whole happy affair was captured on a live stream on the eve of 2017.After about a month of waiting, bald eagle Harriet and her mate, dubbed M15, met their new hatchling on Dec. People around the world watched the eaglet, known as E9, hatch via the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam.The Logi Circle camera has an attractive, simple design that looks like a modernized version of a classic webcam.

Made of black or white plastic, it's about the size of a tennis ball, with a circular base that fits magnetically into an included charging stand.

The baby eagle officially emerged into the world at a.m. According to the Eagle Cam's blog, E9 beganthe hatching process two days earlier.