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12-Jan-2018 05:05

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I cannot get WPA2 enterprise to work on my network.

After about 30 minutes of fiddling around with various settings, I was able to figure out what the problem was.

Here’s how to connect to your wireless router if you are getting this message.

Click on the Authentication tab and now uncheck the Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network box.

By default, XP will re-authenticate with the user credential after the user logs-on (there is no way to do computer-only with XP, I believe).

I'd start by reviewing the event logs on your IAS server for reasoning as to why it's not authenticating your client.

I am using the Windows Wireless Connection Manager. On a couple of occasions I've seen that particular AP (don't know what firmware) suddenly stop attempting to authnenticate clients (it never sends any RADIUS requests) and power-cycling the AP "fixes" the issue.

I suspect a firmware upgrade probably fixes that behaviour. If you want to accept both computer credentials and user credentials you'll need to name both "Domain Comptuers" and "Domain Users" in your policy.

I had been able to connect previously, but the connection would always indicate that it was validating.

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