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They work by loosening the 'glue' holding the thick upper layer of skin cells together.These then slough off, speeding cell renewal and revealing fresher, younger skin.A picture of Vernon’s parents, Shailene’s great-great-grandparents Joseph and Aline, can be seen here.A picture of Shailene’s great-great-grandfather, Joseph Mathews Fauria (top left), with his own parents, Victor Nicholas Fauria and Agnes Cora Zipple (seated), can be seen here.Vernon’s mother, Aline Louise Martinez, had Spanish, African, and possibly French, ancestry.

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Davis, was likely of British Isles/English ancestry. I must say its like most of her recent family line are full of nearly-men, all ‘passing’ down the years as white.I already had one or two lines on my forehead, too.