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21-Dec-2017 09:31

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This pull becomes a destructive compulsion that corrodes the integrity of the relationship.

It replaces respect and compassion with anger and resentment.

We use social media for everything else, so it’s no surprise that nearly 20% of us have now tried online dating.

Now that it’s an acceptable and “normal” option, how do we play the online dating game and win?

Typically, when a relationship is under stress, one of the partners asks for physical space to break the tension. The best way to incorporate space is by being proactive and providing emotional rather than physical space.

Take a look at some of the newest comics by Catana and be prepared to relate.

Hard To Get - Your Personal Guidebook on How to Play the Game of Love!

The truth is, most of the anxieties and pitfalls of dating are the same on and offline.

And landing that first date with your online sweetheart might take a little more social media savvy than you think. If you’ve got a biting sense of humor, show it off.

"I'm a lawyer, and it's a job that takes up a lot of time," she says.