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In our chats with recruiters, three main positives came up when dealing with imaginative job titles. Here are the top three pros for thinking outside of the box: Our HR experts identified a long list of reasons why a clever job title could hurt your odds in the job market.For the most part, these pros were cosmetic, and the underlying feeling among all of our interviewees is that job applicants must be able to back up their creativity with a boat load of qualifying experience, just like every other candidate. If you have your heart set on a unique title, though, don't let these words of wisdom stop you — most of the cons are based on the workings of traditional business.We spoke with a number of HR professionals and hiring managers to get their thoughts on out-of-the-box job titles, and in the end, it all came down to corporate culture and communicating a clear role at your organization. But that shouldn't discourage those of you out there hoping to be known as the Head Honcho or the Website Weaver.Read on for a look at the pros and cons of choosing an inventive job title, from the perspective of 12 hiring extraordinaires.Watch Reading Rockets' exclusive video interviews with top children's book authors and illustrators.

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