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17-Jul-2017 01:11

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I always wonder how the language barrier works for people in an international relationship.

intercultural relationships can be really really difficult at times (especially at the beginning and if you're thinking about marriage lol), but bless them.

The series achieved the highest ratings on CCTV, and positive reviews from audience.

reading his instagram comments are a riot/sad.i love kiko. Interracial couples, especially ones brought together by meeting due to one or the other traveling, makes me wonder if my s/o is on the other side of the world somewhere. My grandma (and other family members who aren't good in English) has such a hard time talking to her and always has to use me, my uncle or my brother for translations.

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Song Seung Hun, at 40 years of age, recently expressed a strong wish to be a happy family man.She returned to China in 2002 to pursue an acting career and adopted the stage name "Liu Yifei" (刘亦菲).Several weeks later, Liu was accepted into the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy at the age of 15, and graduated in 2006.Some netizens believe that the two are simply trying to create publicity for the movie, but others showed their support for the budding couple with well wishes online.

QQ: Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei revealed to have broken up, netizens believe that their relationship is for media play It's said that Song Seung Hun was the one who suggested to break up, apparently he has said: "I can't bring her happiness." 1. But, from the women's perspective, they might not think that they're at a disadvantage, haven't they also played with the men's feelings...... [ 2399] How can there be a break up when it has never begun??

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